dissabte, de setembre 16, 2006

When he plays, when he dances

He takes his percussion instrument, looks the others. He feels a little pain in his heart. He is nervous. He doesn't want to fail, he wants to play well. He tries to connect with the world, with the spirits, with Gaia. Suddenly the rythm starts, his hands starts moving, the sound is increasing. The pumping is invading his soul. One, two, three, four. Improvisation. One, two, three. His mind stops thinking in what he has to play. The rythm is outside him. The rythm is inside him. The rythm flow across him. His mind explote, his soul is flying, he can see places far away from his city. In ten minutes all stop, but he feels good with himself.

When he dances is the same. There's a point where he feels the rythm everywhere inside him and he feels like flying with his body, a strange pleasure when he roll over himself.

And when people connect dancing or playing is a magical moment. Anybody exist around them. Only looks the eyes of the others and he knows what it will be the next step.

It's great the feeling of having a passion!

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si, todavia no encuentro mi real pasion, sigo buscando...