dissabte, de desembre 02, 2006

The trial

Sometimes, life put you in a difficult situation. One day, you accepted to work for an important enterprise. They gave you power, you have learnt a lot of things and you are enjoying of a little boss position. You have a place for you in the parking, people invite you to coffee, people say what wonderful you are to their eyes...and you have to be enough realistic to keep your feet on the ground.

But one day you discover that one of your employers is lying to you. He is earning money for one hour of work that he doesn't do. He has two little childrens, one wife, a little bank account and a big mortgage. Before knowing this, you decided that he will sign his new contract (temporal work to fix staff) but that they would work for another boss, not for you. But now, what do you have to do?

Enterprise give you a position in the company where you are beyond good and evil. But you still have moral criterias.

Which is the decision of the jury?