dijous, de març 30, 2006

Music quiz

Hello! No woman no cry, lady, as it is all because of you. Let it be. All you need is love, one, one more time. you don't like digital love, you need make love, emotion, say you love me...All the people in the world, in their Amazonas of blood, need love. But I give you everything you need. You make me smile, I praise you: please don't go. Have you ever really love a woman? ask me Brian adams on the radio, I answer : yes. I know what you feel when a man love a woman. I know you are my girl. Get up, stand up and come close to me. I love you. It's true. I know we can work it out. Gimme one of those, gimme love, I accidentally in love. I'm not the joker, I'm not Mr.Jones. I'm at our house, with my milk and TV, thinking I can't get no satisfaction. I'm like a rolling stone, talkin' about the revolution. I'm so vicius...

aquest text, sense sentit, sense objectiu, sense significat està construït amb títols de cançons dels Beatles, U2, Smashmouth, Daft Punk, Steve Harley, Blur, Madness, Counting Crows, Bob Marley, Safri Duo, Brian Adams, The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Tracy Chapman, etc. Jugueu a buscar els títols?