dimarts, d’abril 25, 2006

Take it

P1 : (sudado, corbata aflojada, despeinado, cara cansada) Cup of hope please!
P2 : Take it!
P1 : a little bit of happiness?
P2 : Take it!
P2 : do you want a little bit of fun, sir?
P1 : do you think it would mix well with...
P2 : Of course!
P1 : well, give me fun!
P2 : hey! take care with your words!
P1 : sorry...
P2 : take it
P1 : do you have love?
P2 : take it
P1 : and interesting things like concerts, sweet chats, street shows, etc?
P2 : sorry, we haven't street shows...but take it
P1 : do you think I will feel better ith this drink?
P2 : sorry, your hope spilt the cup...you will have to lick the floor for tastingthe fun, the love and everything you have asked...